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Building New Lives in Maine:

About: Sustainable Livelihoods Relief Organization (SLRO) is based in Lewiston, Maine and operates in Lewiston and Auburn area. SLRO was founded in 2015 by the immigrant leaders of several operating non-profit organizations who saw gaps in programming for existing service providers. The people who created this new non-profit are all immigrants who care deeply about immigrant integration and living well with all our neighbors, friends, and colleagues. SLRO support immigrant/refugee and their families toward a goal of social and economic self-sufficiency and health wellbeing. SLRO promotes a pathway toward citizenship and community engagement, creating opportunities for inclusion and meaningful participation for immigrants and refugees. All services and programs are provided in an 'ethnic self-help' model, in which refugees and immigrants are empowered to serve each other and their community. Through the Food system, education, advocacy, and community-based decision making, we work to bridge challenges in food those who are voiceless, have language barriers, transportation, and childcare access. We provide youth training in the food system and leadership mainly New Mainer's youth.  Our goal is a food system that fosters equitable food access, nutrition, community development, and environmental health.

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